Friday, September 23, 2005

Why are we living?
Trying (at least pretending) to be good to others?
Where are we heading?
What’s the end result?
What after death?
We have been told that we'll go to heaven if we follow the holy books and do good deeds.
Whatever little religious knowledge I have, says that almost all religion believe in heaven and hell.
Which one we'll get depends on our deeds here.
Religions say that our live here is just a transition period and our end of journey is either one of them.

Is it some kind of exam??
But then ….. why God is being so rigid in marking?
Either Ex or F !!
No grades in between
And the examination also is such that no one exactly knows what the correct rules are!!!

Anyways one can say that God has given us our inner conscience which pricks us when we our the rules are there programmed within ourselves’s only up to us whether we listen to that our not!!


But my question is what after that!!
Our journey ends at heaven / hell
And we our supposed to be there till eternity!!!!!!
Heaven: Imagine doing nothing, everything gets done as you wish for, you have all the comfort, no tension, nothing to worry about............very tempting.......but how long would you like year, ten years, hundred years...........things loose there charm when they are acquired without effort…. don’t you think there would be no excitement in that life… day you are surely going to be bored...
Hell: It’s said there is enormous fire and various weird creatures to pester you....but when one knows that he has to be there… don’t you think he’ll not be afraid….because he has no other option. Soon he’ll stop feeling any pain or agony…...he may even start finding a pleasure in that!

Rather than being awarded heaven/hell won’t it be better if we continue in the cycle of life and death….every time facing new challenges, achieving new goals….
I don’t know about your answer but Mahadevi Verma ( very famous Hindi poetess, in case you don’t know her) certainly feels the other way round…..Just read her poem “Adhikaar”